Talk STEAMy To Me

Book 1 of the My STEAMy Romance Series

Romance, with a twist of neurodiversity!

Cora has found the perfect college to persue her passions for art, science, and tech! Well, perfect if she can keep distractions like romance out of the picture.

As a 1st year student attending prestigious art and STEM colleges, Cora has no time for dating. It’s her chance for a career-focused fresh start with no drama. No flirting, dating, and heartbreak to distract her delightfully, frustratingly neurodiverse brain.

Cora has got this! Despite the fact that her middle school crush – muscular, outdoorsy engineering design student Jase Stephens – will be living down the hall. Is her college plotting against her?

But, then, Cora finds a new focus for her work when she rescues a baby bird and discovers birds and wildlife are mysteriously disappearing from her new favorite local nature preserve. To save them, she’ll need to pull together a science, tech, and art masterpiece with the help of new friends. 

Can Cora uncover the potential in herself and her friends or will their fears and scars throw turpentine and fatal exceptions on everything they love most?