Krystie Acacia First Read Home

Krystie is a romance and graphic novelist, 
a wildlife biology/tech geek, and a goofball.

Krystie Acacia is a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where she majored in animation and illustration.
In addition to writing romance and graphic novels, she’s enjoyed working as a website designer and nature educator.
Her slice-of-life rom-com web comic, In The Puddle, had 10K viewers daily while it ran. Accompanying graphic novels were published. They may return to print, should the Flying Spaghetti Monster so dictate.
New graphic novels are in the works. Her progeny are demanding a fantasy tween book as well. They have informed the author that it will feature Dungeons & Dragons and GPOUS’s guinea pigs of unusual size.
In her free time, she camps, mountain bikes, and eats copious amounts of sushi with her hyper kids and geeky life partner. She also pursues her life goal: to know all the bugs, birds, and plants. All of them!

Novels & Graphic Novels

Talk Steamy To Me, A Novel, My STEAMy Romance Series: Book 1. Image of a woman creating a scientific bird drawing while she leans against man writes a love letter in code. Nearby a fedgling bird pecks the ground.

Talk Steamy To Me
My STEAMy Romance: Book 1

Cora has found the perfect college to persue her passions for art, science, and tech! Well, perfect if she can keep distractions like romance out of the picture. Coming soon to print.

In The Puddle: Of Bats & Bikinis by Krystie Acacia. Image of book cover showing two women lying in the rain.

Of Bats & Bikinis
Graphic Novelization of the In The Puddle Webcomic

Fruit bats, FSM pirates, plotting sentient socks, and, sometimes, just dancing in the rain.


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